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In the early 80's I met Shawn Colton. We shared an obsession with all things bombastic- KISS, Godzilla, comic books, boobies. We became instant best friends when another friend introduced me to him as we were getting made up in drag for a contest at the nearby college. We were dressing up for a Mock Rock contest, a lip syncing "talent show". We performed two songs by The New York Dolls. We didn't win the contest, but we had so much fun we decided we had to put a real band together. And we did. The band was called Strictly Taboo and we stayed up late, wrote songs, designed logos and posters, dressed flamboyantly, made a bunch of noise and found others that wanted to do the same.We also joined forces with other creative friends and wrote & performed comedy sketches in the troupe called Belco.
Some of the very best times of my life happened in this period. The kind of stuff you see in young adult comedies. Crazy stuff.
As time went on, we, of course like everyone else, formed new relationships, moved to different towns,cities and states. Lost touch, regained communications and forged on with new lives.
I went on to concentrate on an art career, Shawn wrote for The History Channel and had a son, which, for some reason I will never understand, he named after me-David.
We have all had major obstacles and hardships we've had to deal with along with the good times.I'm not going to go into all that, because this post isn't about that,really. It's about friendship.
Shawn's son,David, has Autism. An extreme case of autism.
I know nothing about autism, or having kids at all. But, in speaking with him in phone conversations, I'm learning more and more about it. But, the way I'm really learning about autism and Shawn's very special relationship with his son is thru the story in a book which Shawn has written and hired me to do artwork for.
The book is called "LEGEND OF THE BOO-MONSTER". A fantasy mixed with reality story about a Continent of Monsters,a threat to their world,and the hero of the book, a little rambunctious monster called The Boo-Monster. The Boo-Monster has a mysterious gift called The Distance,and his unique ability carries his father,mother and a whole world of colorful creatures through an amazing journey.
Shawn wants to publish this book to help others,like me, understand autism and his own personal relationship with his son David,also known as The Boo-Monster.But, he didn't want to go the usual route. It's a celebration of their relationship and the joy that his son has given him. David, The Boo-Monster, is the world to Shawn. So, Shawn wanted to create a world for him.
To make this a reality, Shawn has set up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money to get the book published and out there for people who love fantasy,monsters and adventure, but also would like to learn about Autism.
I've jumped head on into this world too, because Shawn wanted me to do the artwork for his book. I get to do what I love to do the most-create characters-and I'm having a blast doing it.His writing inspires me to go crazy with ideas,and to create artwork a little different from the usual dark things I do.
I ask, whether your a fan of my work, a friend, a family member, a fan of monsters & fantasy,or,who,like me,want to learn about autism and my friends special relationship with his son thru an amazing adventure, to help and to donate to his Kickstarter project.He has tons of incredible rewards available for those who donate,and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Even if you can't donate, please,PLEASE, share the link and spread the word.We would truly appreciate all the help we can get to make this book a reality.
The link to The LEGEND OF THE BOO-MONSTER KICKSTARTER can be found here-

Here's just a few of the artwork I have done for the book and campaign so far. Many more will be to come, and more will be in the book that isn't posted here. I hope you enjoy the visuals enough to get you wanting to get the book and read the even more exciting words that Shawn Colton has written.



More artwork to come!

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