Saturday, August 24, 2013


Should update this thingy,been awhile since I posted anything. Been busy with art shows,art walks, doctors and hospital visits and doing new artwork to get ready for the many events in September and October.

Not nearly enough commissions coming in though. Been pretty slow on that end and need to figure out a way to pick up da business. Ragzter needs some moola!
Usually the busy season is the Fall,people wanting things for X-Mas and such. 
But why not beat the crowd!!I've got plenty of room for commissions, so hit me up for your artwork needs. I ain't too proud to beg. Don't make me post pictures of my sad,needy manlinered eyeballs. Then, I get really pitiful. And, you don't want that.

I've also been offering up some pretty cheapie deals on my Facebook, so keep your goggles glued for more!

Ok, enuff of the beggin'. On to the artwork!

Been doing some new sketchcards and comic book sketchcovers to try to sell at the events coming up. Check 'em out!

HulkSketchCover_small  CaptainAmericaSketchCover_small

WolverineSketchCover_small   SaintAngel_small

Modok_small   Moloch_small   MachineMan_small 
 Omac_small   Sleestaks_small WolverineSketchCard_small   

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day! I have two-TWO places where you can see, purchase and oogle my original paintings tomorrow here in downtown Flint, MI tomorrow during the Flint Art Walk!
 Check out these works over at THE ART FEAR at The Local 432 located at 124 W. First St.Flint, Michigan 48503!

after_dark__i_see_you_by_ragzdandelion-d33o8gi (1)_small her_polyunsaturated_heart_by_ragzdandelion-d34p60h_small

horned_shadowgirl_by_ragzdandelion-d67aswd_small    the_crazy_cat_lady_by_ragzdandelion-d5jk3lf_small

And I'll also have paintings showing at THE FLINT UNDERGROUND at Churchill's on 340 S. Saginaw StreetFlint, Michigan 48502!

preying_mantis_by_ragzdandelion-d4qaeau_small     schlock_n_roll_shiva_by_ragzdandelion-d45t6rj_small


I will be back and forth at both events, so please grab me and say "HI" if you see me and enjoy all the works from the other artists and check out all the events at The Flint Art Walk this Friday!

It's gonna be a blast!!!

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