Friday, June 29, 2012


The Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for LEGENDS OF THE BOO-MONSTER is in it's final hours and it's been an amazing and interesting ride.
My friend,Shawn Colton, is writing the book. His son David has Autism,so Shawn decided to write a book in a fantasy setting for David, and for the world, to help promote tolerance and understanding of the condition.
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First, and most importantly, I want to thank all those that have participated in this campaign and for help making it a success. Your funds,support & kind words have done an amazing thing in making this project a reality. We could not do it without you. Support like this has helped us to realize that what we are trying to create is special and that it means something to you. We love ya all for everything!

For those who still want to contribute, the Kickstarter campaign has 30+ hours to go, and you still have time to help make the book even better! Just clicky on to

his project is, and continues to be a great learning experience for us who are all involved and it's been amazing the response we have gotten for it.

I would like to ultimately thank Shawn Colton. I have known Shawn since the early 1980's. We have been thru a whole hell of alot together-the best times & some of the worst. We have always enjoyed being creative partners. We've both worked together in a comedy troupe. a rock band, on comic books,and tons of other projects. He's taken care of me in bad times & I've done the same for him. I couldn't ask for a better friend and he's one of the most giving persons I've ever known.

So, when Shawn asked if I would be interested in doing the artwork for his book I couldn't say no. I'm having a blast in helping to create the visual look of the book, the characters and the super fun scenes from the book. I think I know Shawn well enough to understand where he's coming from. We both share a huge love of old giant monster movies and cartoons, so I understand his reference point. 

It's also given me a chance to work on a style of artwork I don't delve into that much. I tend to lean towards more the dark & creepy corners of comic book and illustration work. And I don't usually jump onto causes. And, in all honesty, I knew very little about Autism and heck, having kids period. So, I've learned alot about Shawn,his son and his family and the difficult situations of raising a child as I've proceeded with the artwork. It's given me the opportunity to be playful with my artwork in a much more "innocent" way and to try things I haven't done before.

I thank Shawn Colton for giving me this opportunity and for reaching deep inside my creative mind and believing in me and my abilities to help make his dream a reality.
If anyone deserves to have his dreams come true, it's Shawn.

Our focus is now going to be on getting the book the best it can be, and hopefully into your hands by the end of the year. 
Keep checking back as more updates on the book is posted and you can learn right along with me about The Boo-Monster, Autism, Shawn Colton and my creative process in creating the artwork for this book.

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