Saturday, March 16, 2013


I figured it may be time for an update. There hasn't been much going on since the move to Michiganland other than getting situated and setting things in motion for the possible help in healthcare for the wife and I. Next Friday we have our first appointment in a series that hopefully will set us on the right track and get us back on our feet physically so we can continue to conquer the art shows,conventions and job market. It's taken a little longer than expected,but I have a good feeling that because of the support from you,friends & family, we may actually defeat this monster that has stood in our way.
In the meantime,it's been spent catching up on commissions, a few art jobs and getting things ready for the Flint Comix Con in mid-April. That, and getting used to the cold again. Yeep! It's been 15+ years since I've had to deal with this stuff,but at least I don't have to worry about getting attacked by scorpions in my sleep like I did in Texas. Plus, it's been so good being around my old friends and family again.
Not much art to post at the moment,but I plan on doing nothing but artwork til our appointment next Friday-so stay tooned!!





My buddy Roy has also let me use one of his giant monitors to hook up to my computer, so now I can actually see what I'm doing! Plus, the radiation spewing forth from it is keeping me nice and warm and toasty!

Keep the commissions and art jobs coming!!!

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