Saturday, April 5, 2014


Yo, my glitterkatz n' ghooliedawgz, don't forget to mark your calendars! Next Saturday I will have a table at THE FLINT COMIXCON! I will have prints, original artwork, paintings, sketch cards, books and more for sale! Also, I will have a sneeky peeky look at a new magazine I'm currently plotting and planning called RAGZ. It's kind of if you cross the 1970's Warren Magazines(Vampirella,Creepy,Eerie,Famous Monsters of Filmland), rock magazines( Creem, Rock Scene) and other monster magazines( The Monster Times, Castle of Frankenstein) and underground comix of the 60's & 70's. That's where I plan to feature my original comic characters such as Ragzdandelion, Father Fear, The Critterwitch, Stompicide, Sinderella Succubus and many, many more! Plus, I want to do features on other artists, bands & music, other creators and so much more.

I'm still in the very early stages of organizing all my ideas in my head for RAGZ, but I'm also in the process of finishing up the pencils for THE CRITTERWITCH. Alot of stuff to do, but it's given me a clear focus on what I wanna do with all this stuff pinging around in my noggin'!

So, again, I look forward to seeing you all at THE FLINT COMIXCON 2014 next Saturday!!


Okay, now on to the recent artworx that has scratched out of me fingers!






A batch of new sketch cards-

MisterMiracleSketchCard_small  MedusaSketchCard_small  MokkariSketchcard_small  MorbiusSketchCard_small

SkrullSketchCard_small  WolverineBeerSketchCard_small  ZombieFinn_small  VampirellaSketchcard_small

And some new watercolor painted post cards-

ThanosPostcard_small  MutationsPostcard_small

And various other paintings and artworks- 

Gorgon_small  Stheno_small

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