Thursday, January 3, 2013


2013 is now here and time to get busy!
We have alot to do to get ready for our move to Michigan. A lot of stuff I have no clue on how to arrange, but such is life. We need to rent a moving van for all of our stuff, an RV to move us across the country(My wife is unable to travel by car,plane or train,so we have to rent an RV to accommodate her needs for the trip.),balance everyone's schedule to get it all done in and,of course,box everything up for the move. I'm not looking forward to all this, but I am excited about being back in a civilized world amongst friends and family and the hopes of getting things going so that my wife & I can get some decent healthcare. We need to get fixed up, so that we can move forward. I hate being stagnant. It's driving me insane.
BUT, thanks to everyone that has commissioned me for artwork over the last few months, not only has it helped immensely for our moving fund, but it has kept me busy and from being stagnant artistically.
I want everyone to know how important this has been for us and how much we appreciate all that everyone has done to help us. During this tough time, knowing people really do care and want and have helped, makes it so much easier to deal with. It's still mighty hard, but you have given us that extra kick in the pants we all need to keep plugging on.
Of course, we still have a ways to go. So, I am still available for commissions at a reduced rate til we move and beyond, so if you are still interested in purchasing artwork, commissions or donations to the "Get Us To Michigan So That We Can Get Some  Healthcare" fund, feel free to contact me at or instant message me on Facebook at . I will continue to have artwork deals posted here & on my Facebook. Also, feel free to visit my DeviantArt page, where I have post of my artwork in case you are interested in buying any originals or prints(some original pieces may not be available,contact me if you are interested and I will let you know) at .
I also have copies of my artbook- PUNCHING A HOLE IN REALITY WITH MY PENCIL- available for $10, where I will include a personalized sketch on the last page of for you.
AND, if anyone has any information about the best deals, or suggestions for good moving companies, RV Rentals and other such ideas, satisfied experiences, etc.,we would appreciate that also.
Feel free to contact me at for any questions, suggestions, comments and just to say "Hi" if ya wanna. We cannot do this without you!!

One of my main concerns about doing this is my fear of driving fans, readers, friends, possible employers, etc away by posting these requests for help. I know it can be a downer, and even irritating to read every week or so, so I try to keep it at a minimum. Most of the responses we have been given have been positive, but, alas, this is the internet, so once in awhile we do get negative junk, or suspicious remarks. But, I try not to pummel my readers over the head with this fundraising thing, but, I also have to let everyone know the our status and that we still need help. So, please, hang in there with us, it's not an easy journey. I try to throw in alot of other stuff that I hope you find entertaining and interesting. One thing that's most frustrating about being an struggling artist is when we don't get any feedback at all. It's the same with any creative person. It's good to know when what we create has struck a nerve in someone, whether it is positive or negative. Constructive criticism is very important for growth. And, it's also interesting to see how other perceive one's work.

Ok, enough jabberin'. Time to show off some of the latest commissions I have done for people that have helped us out in this moving fund thingy. Again, THANK YOU  so much for everything! Let's get it on!






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