Thursday, January 31, 2013


The packing up of the Ragz Davidian Studios here in Nowheresville TX has been under way.It's a long grueling process,but one that must be done. Things have been set into motion to lug it all across the U.S. back to where I began,the cold barren apocalyptic world known as Flint,MI.The actual move shall take place the 16,17 & 18 of this month,so time is running out! But, it's a much need move, one that hopefully will get things in order so that my wife and I can get back on our feet.
Because of the move, commissions have to be put on hold, but please keep them coming in, as soon as I get set up and organized in Flint, I want a good workload of commissions to continue to help us get situated. I will continue to offer super deals, sales on previous artwork, sketchies, whatever it takes. So please keep checking my Facebook for all the latest deals and to see what artwork I have for sale. The campaign over the past few months has been really helpful in keeping us afloat and for getting things in motion for this move. We can't thank everyone enough for all you have done to help us. Keep spreadin' the word, we have a long ways to go yet. Once we get moved and situated, then the process of getting the much needed help for healthcare for my wife and I. It's not going to be a pleasant experience,but your help helps to give us the foundation we so desperately need to soldier on.Any help is truly appreciated,anything from spreading the word, to buying artwork, to make connections for healthcare and job opportunities-anything, it all helps us tremendously. We are both itching to get back on our feet and to get to a position where we can help YOU! I count you all as my friends and we're all in this together. This whole experience has really opened my eyes to how much we all need one another,not just to help in times of need, but to help each other make our dreams come true. It's very important to me to be a part of a community that are there for each other, to collaborate, to support each others endeavors and, well, to build real life friendships.
So, again, we couldn't have done this without your help, my Creeple Peeple! Let's make this a year of rejuvenation and recreation so that we shall conquer the world together!!
Anywhoodles-That being said, I still find a little time to squeeze in some sketchies while resting my sore muscles between the lifting and boxing up of The Ragz Studios. Take a gander-and enjoy!!






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  1. Best of luck to you and your wife. Have a safe trip back home.



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