Friday, December 23, 2011


As an artist, you gather tons and tons of pictures, jpegs, movie footage and junk of all kinds to use as reference for future works. It's always best to draw from real things instead of just your imagination. From there, you can take the reference and run with it, letting your imagination tweek and expand on the source material. But sometimes, you come across things that have so much personality that the object, or person, or thing needs very little tweeking.
The one thing that has stood out for me in this small nowhereville called Bedias, Texas, is this run down abandoned house I drive past everyday to go to the little store( the ONLY store in town). It's a perfect haunted house. Dead trees surround it. The paint is dry and chipping. No glass is on the windows. It's beautiful in it's haunting way. I had to take pictures of it, and it will, for sure, play a part in some painting or drawing or comic book someday.
 It's my favorite thing in Bedias.

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