Sunday, February 26, 2012


Things have slowed down for me, so this is the time I concentrate on my own projects. One major one is a comic book/magazine I hope to get up and running by the end of the year. I want it the format of it to be similar to the old 70's Warren Magazines such as CREEPY, EERIE & VAMPIRELLA, but have all the stories and characters intertwined into one universal storyline. The bummer part of all this is that 1) No one buys magazines anymore 2) All the cool titles for magazines such as this have been taken 3) I'm not the greatest writer in the world(I can come up with characters & concepts, but my actual writing skills are kind of weak).
Yet, who cares. I'm going to go on with it anyways. Trying to second guess an audience, and even worse, myself, I would never get anything done. So I am going to go forth with it anywhoo. It reminds me of myself back in the mid 1980's when I was putting together a band. I wasn't the greatest musician or singer, I had no idea how the business worked and I lived in an area that didn't quite give a hoot about original music, yet I did it anyways. We never hit the big time, barely made a dime, but it did create some of the greatest times in my life(and a few awesome tunes I still rock out to to this day).
If you can't do it right-Do it anyways.
I've got a few storylines to flesh out, but I've pretty much got the "cast" figured out who I want in the book. Late at night, while trying to get to sleep, is when the stories & visuals seep into my noggin', and the daytime is for sketchin' up the ideas & characters. So, I thought I share some of them and some other loosely sketched concepts and stuff I scratch into my sketchbooks. Dig it!

POPPET and her cauldron of ghastly delights.




And some random sketchies to oogle your peepers at!





And don't forget,all original characters are copyright ©2012 David "Ragzdandelion" Hanson


  1. Good luck. I grew up reading those great magazines. Retro is really in so maybe it will work out if you play that retro angle into the concept. Anyway, I like the idea and I'm glad your going for it. Carpe diem!

    Alberto Ramirez

  2. Thank you Alberto for the kind words. I've got a long way to go with it yet, but stay tuned-much more to come!


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