Sunday, November 27, 2011


Ah! Back to the artwork! Feels so good!
I, like most artists types, have TONS of reference books, comic books, dvd's and toys that took forever to unpack and organize and the process is still in the making. But, I did manage to create my space for getting back to the drawing board.

I've had a really good run of commissions to tackle and that also has kept me busy. Keep 'em coming!!
Here's a few pieces I've completed and wanted to share with ya!

The legendary Roy Orbison, painted in ink, ink wash, pastels & gouache on watercolor paper.

A character created by Hallie Martin, also known as Tear-Blossom Maiden over at DeviantArt, who commissioned me to draw her character- The Lord of Dragons. You can find her at . The artwork was created in ink, ink wash and enhanced in Photoshop.

A personal piece I did to honor the recent birthday of one of my all time fave actors-Boris Karloff. Created from ink, ink wash, gouache and a tad bit of Photoshop to tighten it up a bit.

And, a few quicky sketchies done to keep me in shape-

Dambala-The Voodoo God

The Daughter Of Nova. Influenced by my recent reading of the original novel of Planet of The Apes.

The Roar of Godzilla!

The Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.

A fella I simply call Monsterface!

Okee Dokee! Back to the drawing board and more commissions to get to. Like I said-Keep 'em coming! If you are interested in any artwork from yours truly, simply email me at I'm always open for commissions

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