Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We all had a great time at the ART CRAWL EXPERIENCE last Saturday night in Anaheim, CA . Lots o' cool artwork on display and being made, a handful of awesome old cars parked for us to gawk at and, well, a cool way to spend a Saturday night. One of my favorite works on display was at the SARAH BAIN GALLERY which had a show featuring the paintings and sculptures of DR. SEUSS. I had never seen any of his artwork like this before and it was awesome. Here be some photos of the awesomeness-

There's just too much great art from the show that I would like to post, but just not enough room. But I did meet up with David Castro from TACO COMICS and we traded sketch cards artwork. Here's what he did for me-

And here are the cards I drew up for him-

Check out Taco Comics at

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