Monday, September 16, 2013


Been sooper dooper busy getting things ready for quite a few events I'll be at the next month or so. But, the artwork hasn't stopped,been doing all kinds of work. But lately it seems I've had some unconscious desire to draw up one eyed characters. I didn't even realize I was until I recently scanned a few pieces and found numerous cyclopian critters peering back at me.

This is a piece featuring an obscure Marvel Comics character called The Devil Slayer. The one eyed demon thingy he's facing is a creature of my own invention, whom I call GRON GROOGINONN, and I dig him so much I want to do more with him. Even have a full blown painting in mind which I want to feature him in.


One of them is a whole group of one eyed superheroes, which I call The Eyevengers. They go by the names such as The Red Eye, Pink Eye, Stink Eye,The Hypnotic Eye and Eyeracles. Just yet another concept going on in my head that may someday become a comic book.

RedEye01    RedEye02  HypnoticEye

Then there's a sketch card I did of the one eyed giant from the classic 1957 B-Movie flick THE CYCLOPS!


A mock up cover for STOMPICIDE, a giant monster comic I also want to put together in the near future,featuring some old artwork I did.

And then there is this guy,who technically has more than one eye(he's got eyes on his shoulders and his crotch), but, what the heck. Wanna do more with him in the future too, but here he is telling you that I will be at THE RAILROAD CITY COMIC CON in Durand, MI Sept. 21st and 22nd! So, come on down and get an eyeball full of artwork, paintings, sketch cards and more I will have on sale!

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