Friday, July 26, 2013


One of the coolest gigs I've had recently was doing sketch cards for CONTEMPORARY PIN-UPS card sets. Their recent set, which comes out very soon, is the Puzzle Jam set, where one artist does one side of the card, and another artist does the other side, making a cool puzzle set. It's fun and challenging to do work to compliment the other artists sketch. I got to work with some amazing artists on this set!
CONTEMPORARY PIN UPS has been one of the funnest and satisfying sketch card set I've worked with and I hope to continue working with them. Such a great set!

So, look out for this set.They will be some available at Wizard World Chicago and on Ebay on August 8th.

401783_455329114560055_857272111_n         1043994_473657652727201_1153897176_n

Here is some of the work I've done for the set. Check 'em out!

DavidHanson06  DavidHanson05   DavidHanson08    DavidHanson03

DavidHanson04   DavidHanson09   DavidHanson07   DavidHanson10

Sketch cards I did with Rudes Tamales
ContemporaryPinUpsJamMonsterGirl  ContemporaryPinUpsJamDonutGirl

Sketch Cards I did with Charles Bristow
ContemporaryPinUpsJam_w_CharlesBristow01 ContemporaryPinUpsJam_w_CharlesBristow02

Sketch cards I did with Fer Galicia
ContemporaryPinUpsJamGoth  ContemporaryPinUpsJamRobotGirl

Sketch cards I did with Randi LeeAnn
ContemporaryPinUpsJamAngel  ContemporaryPinUpsJamNaziGirl

and here is my base card for the set-

HansonD-CP3-front  HansonD-CP3-back

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