Monday, May 7, 2012


Damn I'm tired.
But it's a good kind of tired.
Took a 3 hour trek to Dallas and partaked in the awesomeness that was The Texas Frightmare Convention on Saturday.
It's been a long time since I have been amongst people and what not of my kind, so it was nice in that fact alone! Creepy nerds, grisly geeks, sexy spooks, y'know the types- all decked out in black. And. damn did it feel good.
I didn't have a booth or anything to sell at the show, but I made a few connections and showed off my art portfolio to various publications and other artists. Picked up a few dollar comics(one that features Man-Thing fighting pirates!), purchased some other artists' sketchbooks, magazines and what nots, hung about the bar with the other non-mundanes and got nice feelin' on some good booze, ate some great food and watched all the festivities. Of course, the highlight of all these conventions is meeting the actors & people that were responsible for all of my fave movies. There were a tons of them, but I'm working with a limited budget so I couldn't get photos & autographs from everyone I would've liked, but that's ok. Just watchin' them all is cool enough. I learned that Traci Lords is taller in real life, and that Rowdy Roddy Piper is shorter. I rode in an elevator with Michael Rooker from Henry:Portrait of A Serial Killer. Chatted with the editor from Rue Morgue magazine. Good times!

The Legendary P.J. Soles (Riff Randell from ROCK & ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, CARRIE, HALLOWEEN,STRIPES) & I.


Awesome fellow artist Chris Kuchta & I.

I made a few new friends there too!

I love conventions. If I could, I would live at them.
The next day, before heading home, we went to see THE AVENGERS which was just simply awesome! They finally did The Hulk right with this one, and the surprise at the end(well, both "extra" scenes) were amazing, being that it featured my fave villain of them all!!! God, I can't wait for Avengers 2, now!
And, I of course, had to get a pic in the DARK SHADOWS display!

Looking forward to more conventions & outings in the next few months, even hoping to get a table set up for the Flint Horror Convention in Flint, Michigan in October. That's the plan, anyways!
Now, to catch up on some business, projects and sleep!


  1. Sounds like it was a ton 'o' fun there. I haven't been to a convention since the mid-eighties in the last few months I've also been working to have enough art to sell at one. Good luck with your plans on having a booth in Flint, Michigan. Carpe diem!

    Alberto Ramirez Jr.

    1. Thanx! Yeah, I have to figure out what exactly I want to take to the Flint convention, being that my paintings are kind of big. Maybe sketch cards, prints and some comics. I'm looking forward to it. Thanx for reading!


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