Saturday, July 14, 2012


Last night I had some of my prints on display at THE ART FEAR art show in Flint,Michigan, my old hometown. I couldn't personally make it to the show(cuz I'm stuck in nowheresville Texas), but thanx to the awesome folks at ART FEAR, they were happy to showcase my artwork.

It looks like it was a fun time to be had by all and I soooooooooooo wish I could've been there for it. But I wanna thank my supporters and friends who took the time to come down to the show and see my art and spread the word. I LOVE THEM BIG TIME and can't tell them enough how much I appreciate them.

I look forward to seeing everyone in October for The Flint Horror Con where I will be there selling artwork and meeting all the awesome horror fans of Flint,Michigan!

Here's some pix of the ART FEAR display and a big thank you to my friend Jenna for taking these pix and sending them to me.





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