Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A handful of things that I put color on!

First up- Things I used Photoshop to put colors on it!

A tv show I'd watch, no matter how bad it would be!

A commission piece for an upcoming internet audio play featuring a sexy Dalek! (Coming soon from Dream Realm Enterprises!) Now I will listen to that!!

A scene rendered for my one day to be released comic book that I shall call either "RAGZNAROK" or "THE SXPXRNXTXRXLZ!"
This one, tho, was originally colored tradionally on watercolors,ink and color pencils, then fed into Photoshop and enhanced.

Watercolor pencils of some vampire dude.

Watercolor and an ink pen working together to create this scene of chaos!

One of my Shadowgirls dipped in gouache on watercolor paper.

Badly chosen colors for a watercolor picture slapped into my sketchbook.

And that's what I got for the people that see things in color!

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