Friday, July 29, 2011


A long time ago, in a teenage bedroom far,far away, I would spend hours upon hours drawing an imaginative rock n' roll group I came up with. Each member of the band was essentially a knock off of an already existing rock star. I had my lead singer-who was a cross between Paul Stanley,Alice Cooper,David Lee Roth & Freddie Mercury. A guitarist that was a leather clad version of Ted Nugent. A female member that was a disco version of Ann Wilson from Heart. Another guitarist(who played more of the classical guitar stuff) that looked like Punky Meadows from Angel, and another Angel influenced keyboardist that looked like a cross between Greg Guiffria & Todd Rundgren. There was also a bass player that was basically Phil Lynott in a clown suit, with a dash of Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick,and on and on and on. I literally drew thousands and thousands of drawings of them, I even made up fake record covers, stage plans, fake interviews, posters etc. That went on until the time I actually had a band, and even then, and after it all, I still resurrect some of the characters and place them in new stories-Here's just a few of those drawings I did as a teenager----

So, I decided to update one of the characters,the PhIl Lynott clown dressed bass player, to what he would look like now-as a 50-Something washed up bassist.

Which led to a few quicky sketches of old glam rockers. I call them The Glam Rawk Grandpas. Pass the gold lame depends!!

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